Between Zoom classrooms, virtual school board meetings, and working from home, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And we get it! This summer, as many others have, we were forced to transition our in-person entrepreneurship programs to the virtual world. The programs were a huge success, and we’re here to help bring the same hands-on experience to your students.

Which is why we are excited to launch the QØ Academy, an interactive entrepreneurial experience for the classroom.

Quarter Zero has been a life-changing experience for my students. Diving into a genuine, full-fledged entrepreneurship experience has prepared them to think flexibly, collaborate effectively and communicate clearly — all critical skills that prepare them for meaningful careers in the 21st Century.”

– Martha Rush, St. Paul, MN,  award-winning educator 

What is the QØ Academy?

The Academy is a suite of resources designed for educators that includes videos, animated series, toolkits, startup simulator, handbook, and recorded masterclasses. Plus, optional 1-on-1 coaching, facilitation, and workshops hosted by the Quarter Zero team. For the past seven years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with educators across the country to support young people in their entrepreneurial journey. We’d love to work with you, too!

“Quarter Zero is an experience that every student should have. I would not have learned half of the things I did or been a part of the actual process of creating an organization which was just a super interesting opportunity.”

– Janani I., Rockville, MD