Behind the Scenes at Demo Day

It’s really hard to explain exactly what goes down at Demo Day. In short, Demo Day is the culmination of 6 weeks of late nights and early mornings, where each team shares their journey, their triumphs, fail fast moments, and where their startup is headed in the coming months. Every team pitches to the gathered crowd for about 5 minutes and then takes another 5 minutes of Q&A from the judges.

Who are the judges you ask? They are a panel of experts from different industries, many of whom have successfully started their own companies, who score each team and hand out awards like “Most Investable” and “Greatest Social Impact”. The best part is, after the pitches we move into a feedback session where the judges visit each team and share their top pieces of advice and engage in compelling 1-on-1 conversations with the team members.

Enough talking, sometimes it’s easier to understand and feel what Demo Day is like by checking out the pictures below. You can also watch the live streams from 2018 and see the actual pitches and Q&A with the judges.

2018 Demo Day