Welcome Startup Bootcamp LA Cohort!

Information for Students & Parents


Startup Bootcamp LA is around the corner, so to help you prepare, we will be making important announcements in the time leading up to the Bootcamp. Below you will find details about:

  • Final payment and supplemental package of room & board

  • Prep work related to our unique curriculum and experiences

  • Signing up for optional airport shuttles each weekend

  • Hotel check-ins

  • What to bring

  • And more!

We will be revealing information bit by bit, so make sure to stay tuned!


Final Payment and Room & Board


Please follow the instructions based off of the scenario that is most applicable to you:

1. Only need to pay remaining tuition balance (by June 15th):

Please select "Final Payment" to complete your remaining balance and fill out the required information to purchase at the next page.

2. Only need to purchase the Supplemental Package which includes housing, local transportation, and breakfast (by June 15th):

Please select "Supplemental Package"  to complete your remaining balance and fill out the required information to purchase at the next page.

3. Need to pay remaining tuition balance & purchase supplemental package (by June 15th):

Please select "Final Payment" to complete your remaining balance. After the item has been added to your cart, hit the “back” button to return to this microsite page. Select "Supplemental Package: Housing, Transportation & Breakfast" and fill out the required information to purchase at the next page. Both items should be added to your cart for a total of $1,900.

$1000 Final Payment
$900 Supplemental Package

Prep For the Bootcamp


Our goal is to get you all speaking the same startup language - so that when you arrive you know your MVPs from your BMCs and your pivots from your pitches.

We will be sending out prep work intermittently between now and day 1, along with other tips and inspirations to help make sure you get the most out of your QØ experience.

Prep Work  1



Prep Work

(0-20 Hours!)

One of the best podcasts around is called Startup by Gimlet. It follows the founder of a company called Gimlet in its first season and then tells the origin stories of many companies in season 3. The podcast is a great look inside the heads of the founders and first few employees of a startup. You will deal with many of the same obstacles and feel the exhilaration of success that these folks go through. We recommend starting with Season 1, Episode 1 - it’s perfect for a study break between AP and final exams. Most of you will probably devour season 1 - if that’s you, go on to season 3 for some of the most cool, unknown, stories of the startup world.

Stay tuned for the next round of prep work & our introduction
to the Slack platform!

Packing & What To Expect

Artboard 2 copy 8.png

What Should I Expect For In-Person Weekends?

You’re about to embark on growing a legitimate business and will be operating in the real world where you’ll be treated as young adults and are expected to respond as such.

You can find the latest version of the schedule here & we’ll be revealing more details in our next email!


What Should I Expect For The Virtual Days?

Every team will be different but as an average expect to spend 20 hours during the four virtual days working actively with your venture team. This will include:

  • Daily or every-other-day team meeting (up to your team to decide)

  • One 90 min meeting per week with your Advisor

  • One 60 min meeting per week with your Community Team Member (CTM)


What Do I Bring?

Beyond the standard stuff you would normally take when you travel, please bring the following each day:

Extra pocket money -- you will have a handful of team-bonding meals out with your venture & the option to buy snacks on both Saturdays.


What Should I Wear?

Feel free to dress comfortably & casually! Keep in mind that Quarter Zero is an opportunity for you to network with like-minded young entrepreneurs, advisors, and industry specialists. 

Airport Shuttles


Quarter Zero provides an airport shuttle for arrivals & departures that correspond with the program schedule. Please only sign up for the shuttle if your plans are confirmed & submit by the RSVP date.

If you do not sign up for the shuttle, we will assume you are organizing your own transportation (Ubers, taxis, or local airport shuttles) and will meet us directly at the hotel during check-in (3:30-4:30pm). Many students choose to organize their own transportation because they are traveling with a parent/friend, their flight time is too early, or they want to see the city. If students would like to connect with each other to organize transportation, Slack will be the best option when that becomes available.


Arrivals: No Later Than 2:00pm

We suggest booking flights that land no later than 2:00pm local to allow enough time for a student to deplane, retrieve luggage, and walk to the meeting point which may be in a different terminal.


Departures: No Earlier Than 5:30pm

Sessions conclude at 2:30pm on Sundays. We suggest booking domestic flights that depart no earlier than 5:30pm and international flights no earlier than 7:00pm.

Shuttle Schedule

la pic.jpg

Los Angeles International Airport - LAX

Weekend 1

Arrival: Shuttle will depart airport at August 3, 3:00pm PST

Departure: Shuttle will depart program site at August 5, 2:30pm PST

Weekend 2

Arrival: Shuttle will depart airport at August 10, 3:00pm PST

Departure: Shuttle will depart program site at August 12, 2:30pm PST


Can’t remember if you already signed up for the shuttle? Check the list here.

Please Note: Due to past issues of frequent changes & vendor charges, we have modified our airport shuttle policy this year. Because of the high volume of students & vendors we are working with this summer, please only sign up for the shuttle if your plans are confirmed. After the listed RSVP date, our team rents shuttles based off of confirmed numbers. Therefore, additions/cancellations cannot be accommodated. Cancellations after the RSVP date or no-shows on the day of the shuttle will incur a $15 cancellation charge.

Hotel & Check-In


Hotel & program check-in will be 3:30-4:30pm local on both Fridays. If you are organizing your own transportation, please keep in mind Los Angeles can have a significant amount of traffic. 

Please note: Hotel is only available from the supplemental package. Program check-in will be located at Omni Hotel and is required from ALL participants. Location check in is subject to change depending on numbers and other factors. If location changes, we will update you accordingly before the program.

We suggest booking flights that arrive no later than 2:00pm local to ensure you will not be late to check-in. Depending on the activity, the cohort may be leaving the hotel at 4:30pm.

Students will be staying in the following hotel, in double rooms with a different roommate each weekend. This is to help facilitate networking beyond venture teams.


Omni Hotel Los Angeles at California Plaza

251 South Olive St
Los Angeles, California 90012
Tel: (415) 617-6565


Please note, unfortunately Quarter Zero is unable to coordinate parent or family lodging. We encourage families to contact the hotel directly for availability and rates.

Quarter Zero students are considered guests of the hotel, and agree to act with a high degree of professionalism at all times. Students are expected to adhere to a 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM quiet time policy and are not permitted to leave the hotel after nightly check-ins without the express permission of QØ staff and the presence of another student. Please also note that due to security & hotel agreements, students are prohibited from switching room assignments.


Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.16.58 AM.png

WeWork Gas Tower

WeWork is the community of creators. It provides the space, community and services our members need to create their life's work. WeWork’s mission is to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. WeWork has a current valuation of roughly $20 billion and manages 10 million square feet of office space.

WeWork Gas Tower is located in the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Downtown LA. 

555 W 5th Street, 35th FL
Los Angeles, CA 90013

general assembly.jpg

General Assembly Los Angeles

General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

General Assembly Los Angeles (DTLA) is located in the heart of the historic Little Tokyo neighborhood of Downtown LA.

360 E 2nd Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Meet The QØ Team

Artboard 2 copy 8.png

Throughout the Startup Bootcamp, you will be spending time with the incredible QØ team.

The QØ team is here to support you and your ventures along every step of the way. From small things like where to find bandaids to big things like which customer your venture should actually pursue, we’ve got it covered.

Click a picture to learn more about a QØ team member's background.

Stay Tuned...


We know this is a lot to digest, so we are sharing things bit by bit! In our next update we will be sharing more details around what to expect for the Bootcamp; introducing you to the QØ team of staff, facilitators, and continuing prep work.

Beyond that, we will be introducing students to one another through Slack, and more!

Contact Information


Student communication will primarily take place via Slack. Students will need to have Slack installed on their phone and computer prior to the Startup Bootcamp LA - more details coming soon.

Event Logistics (Airport Shuttle, Hotels, Meals, Etc.)

Event Coordinator, Ren Liu: ren@quarterzero.com, 646.902.4614

General Inquiries