1. What support will I receive?

QØ Facilitators and Community Team Members provide specialized advice for each venture. Advisors from startup companies & top-tier MBA programs guide each venture and meet with you weekly. Industry specialists will teach specific startup skills to you and your team. Pro bono designers will provide each venture with a logo and branding elements. Pro bono lawyers after the Incubator will assist with legal consultation.

2. What qualities are the admissions committee looking for?

We look for students who are driven, team-oriented, resourceful, and entrepreneurial in some capacity. We don't ask for GPA or test scores. You have the option of applying as either a Founder or Free Agent. The criteria differs based on the type of application, as there are unique qualifications to both participant options.

To learn more about how to get in, read our tips here→

3. What does the application process entail?

QØ has a two stage admissions process: 1) Written application + video 2) Virtual interview. Please return to the Catapult Incubator webpage to view the application deadlines for this season.

4. What is the time commitment?

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a side project. Full commitment for the 6 weeks, both in-person and virtually, is mandatory. We ask students to set aside a minimum of 15-20 hours a week during virtual periods. You will have at a minimum three meetings per week with your Advisor, Community Team Member, and QØ Senior Advisor. Prepare your schedule to be flexible around your QØ commitment and team. 

5. Are there scholarships or tuition awards available?

Yes! Need-based tuition scholarships are available; students interested in applying for financial aid will be prompted for further information once they begin the QØ application process. This year, tuition scholarships will range from $1,000 - $4,000. As a note, scholarships for room, board, and transportation are not available. We are available to talk through some different ideas that past students have used to raise funds in local communities.

Additionally, a select amount of $1,000 merit-based Tuition Awards are available to Founders and Free Agents each year.

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If you are interested in finding additional funding beyond QØ scholarships and tuition awards, we also have some information on how to navigate crowdfunding and local foundations.

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6. As a Founder, can I bring in team members from my own network / venture?

Yes, Founders can bring on additional Team Members to their venture application. However, all Team Members must individually apply to the Catapult Incubator by cohort deadlines and meet admissions standards. If your existing team has less than five members, you will be required to accept additional Free Agents

7. How are teams formed?

During the opening sessions, Founders and Free Agents will all get a chance to meet each other and learn about the in's and out's of the Founders ventures. You'll get to know each other's personalities, working styles, strengths, etc. After a few days both Founders and Free Agents will be asked to list out who their preferred team/teammates are. Through a combination of Founder's and Free Agents preferences, as well as the input of our experienced Advisors, Facilitators, and Community Team Members, the QØ Staff will create teams ranging from 3-6 people.

8. What do I do during the remote weeks?

We strike a balance in providing both structure and opportunities for you to have ownership with your team so that you learn the critical skills to be successful as independent thinkers and agents in the entrepreneurial world. During the virtual weeks, you will be working with your team on your venture and virtually meeting with your industry advisor for guidance on venture progress.

9. Do you accept international students?

We do accept international students. Each summer we have had students attend the Incubator from all around the world. For those who have been unable to travel back and forth from their hometown to each programming city, some have chosen to stay in the United States with a family member or friend. Others choose to do the flight back and forth - it is up to you. As a note, flights are the responsibility of each student & family and not included in our fees.