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Catapult Incubator



Program Fee

2019 TBA

2018 Total


Room, Board, + Local Trans.

*Students are responsible for travel expenses to each city

**Full Tuition scholarships and awards available



This year we have 4 Incubators. Each incubator is the same in content and format, only the dates are different.

All dates TBA

Exact schedule can be found in the FAQs


The Incubator meets 3 times, each time in a different city: Silicon Valley, Chicago, New York City. We have picked three entrepreneurial hubs that will provide exposure to new cities, startups, advisors, and experts each time. Many students choose to stay a few extra days to take in additional sights.

Hotels, Meals, and Shuttles

No need to worry here! Once you land in each city, we handle most logistics for you. We provide an airport shuttle, make the hotel reservations, pair you with a roommate, arrange most meals*, and organize transportation each day. More details provided during the application process.

*There are a handful of team-bonding meals where ventures eat out on their own.

We Look For 2 Types of People

q-zero founder greg rowles-min.jpg


You have a developed, tested, or implemented business venture or a really good idea.


You've taken initiative to develop a venture idea: this could be product testing, development, customer interviews, or running the company. You have concrete evidence of these developments.

You and a team are already working on something and want to bring all or some of your team to the Incubator to grow your idea.

At a minimum you have a vetted idea that can be replicated and scaled.

We look for Founders across a spectrum of ideas from non-profit, to technology, to food trucks.  We also accept Founders that have very new ideas as well as Founders with companies that have been running for a few years.  We like variety.

q-zero free agent amanda yuen-min.jpg

Free Agent

You do not have a venture idea, but you want to unlock your entrepreneurial potential.


You are ready to join an established Founder’s venture team and contribute meaningfully from the very first day.  You have passion and are willing to do whatever it takes.

You hope to take the skills, knowledge, and network from the Incubator to one day start your own venture or work at a startup.

You want to start your journey and aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty.

We've accepted Free Agents with all types of experience from a range of ages. From freshmen who had never done anything like this before but blew us away with their passion and hustle to graduating seniors who want one last chance at a startup before going to college.


What You'll Do


The 5-step startup process

Your primary goal over the Incubator is to grow the Founder's venture.  That can mean a lot of different things depending on the current stage of the venture.  At a minimum, each team will cover the 5-steps, so you'll leave with the knowledge and skills to do it on your own in the future.  For the Incubator, your specific team will probably spend more time in some areas than others depending upon the maturity of the Founder's venture.


Where You'll Go


3 Entrepreneurial Cities

quarter zero catapult incubator goes to silicon valley.jpg

Silicon Valley

We visit the birth place of startup culture in America.  We'll spend time seeing the city of San Francisco including Fisherman's Wharf, hopefully the sea lions are in town! We will also visit spots along the famous Silicon Valley.  Past Incubators have been hosted at Google, Draper University, and Salesforce.

q-zero catapult incubator in chicago at millenium park in front of the bean-min.jpg


Millenium Park, the Chicago River, the Polsky Innovation Exchange, Navy Pier, and startup hub 1871 are all past destinations.  We'll be sure to eat some deep dish and give you a chance to take a selfie in front of the 'Bean'.  Chicago is quickly becoming a hub for entrepreneurship that can hold it's own against the coasts.

quarter zero catapult incubator goes to new york city.jpg

New York City

Demo Day, the final session is always hosted in New York City.  A fusion of startups, successful companies, and unique NYC culture make this the perfect spot to see if your venture can make it in the real world.  The Empire State building, Times Square, and Wall Street, are all past spots we've checked out.

What About Parents?


We didn't forget you, in fact, there is a day long program that runs concurrently just for parents

More details relevant for parents →


Full Day Parent Workshop

Understand the QØ experience more completely and have access to the latest research on skills young people need to thrive in an ever-changing world.  This takes place during the Silicon Valley portion, exact date and time TBA.

q-zero parents day long program to learn about entrepreneurship and their child-min.jpg

Parent Social Hour

Socialize with other parents of young entrepreneurs and meet the QØ staff.  Usually the night before the Parent Workshop, exact date and time TBA.

q-zero catapult incubator parent social-min.jpg


That's it, you know everything about the Catapult Incubator.  Ready to start your journey?