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The QØ Experience

Fail Fast

Before Quarter Zero, I was afraid of falling short of my plans and, more greatly, failing to accomplish something I spent hours constructing. Failure is something that seems taboo to talk about, and honestly who wants to share a failure or mishap that they have gone through? It puts people in a vulnerable spot, digging at something that they hope to bury away completely.

The QØ Experience

Opportunity is Everywhere!

This incubator is truly an amazing experience that will teach you so much about entrepreneurship. I highly recommend this program to any high school student who even has a slight interest in entrepreneurship because the content learned is so valuable.

The QØ Experience

50 Epic Days and 50 New Friends

The most important takeaway I had at Quarter Zero was how much impact a young entrepreneur could do. This program was built on the idea that young adults can change the world through entrepreneurship. Before Quarter Zero, I was often told that I was too young to make any sort of impact due to my age. Many of my peers in my incubator had also experienced this. When all of us came together in the program and tackled huge problems like addiction, stress, and more, it made me realize how much influence this generation could have on the world. Quarter Zero gave me the tools to unlock my entrepreneurial potential and I absolutely can not wait to see where it takes me next.

The QØ Experience

Discovering My Potential

I can confidently conclude that my outlook on the world has been significantly modified through what I learned this past summer at Quarter Zero. Had I not clicked the Facebook post out of curiosity, I would have missed an incredible opportunity to amplify my passions and grow as an individual and team player.

The QØ Experience

A Summer Like No Other

Of all the lessons I learned at Quarter Zero, from scaling a startup to dealing with the obstacles along the way, my biggest takeaway was more of a realization: the validation that I’d found where I belong. Quarter Zero provides an experience for young entrepreneurs unlike any other by bringing them together for the first time in their lives. As an alumnus of the Catapult Incubator, I can say with full confidence that this was truly a summer like no other.