You have been selected to participate in QØ's International Intensive!

We hope you are ready for an entrepreneurial experience that will fundamentally change the way you view yourself and business.  Please pay your deposit to secure your spot today.

International Intensive Deposit


1 payment of $1000 today

The remainder due in March 2018.

Why is the International Intensive a beta program?

Here at QØ we like to practice what we teach around experimenting and our International experience is that very result. We listened to students who desired an immersive experience that would engage and attract students from all over the world and provide an unparalleled experience working with existing companies to help solve real world problems.

How does a beta program impact me?

By March 2018, we will provide a status update on the program.  We want everything to be perfect, and we have high standards.  If we aren't able to meet those standards we may not move forward with the International Intensive in 2018. 

In March, we hope to announce that we are moving forward with the International Intensive, at that point we will proceed with finalizing enrollment documentation and remaining program payments. We recommend waiting until this point to book any transportation, adjacent trips, etc.

To create the best experience possible for our young entrepreneurs, we reserve the right to cancel the program entirely. If we do this, we will fully refund your application and program fee.

Is my deposit refundable?

If the International Intensive is not green-lit, you will be refunded both your application fee and program fees paid up until that point.

If the International Intensive is green-lit, but you choose to withdraw at a later date, neither fees are refundable.

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