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Venture Kickstart - Atlanta

YPO Southern 7 and Quarter Zero are teaming up to provide an exclusive experience for members and their high schoolers.


We believe that every person has potential. 

The potential to create, disrupt and thrive. But for that potential to be fully realized it needs to be affirmed and developed starting at an early age. 

At Quarter Zero, we exist to help young people power their potential.

We do this by creating an immersive, real-world, entrepreneurial environment where young people can work hand-in-hand with top industry advisors to shape and guide their passions and ideas. 

We're thrilled to team up with YPO S7 to jumpstart their journey and to activate the chapter to play an influential support role in their development.

Our learning and development experiences challenge our participants to become problem solvers, equipped with the skills to thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world. 

What is it?

  • An immersive experience to develop a mindset for solving real world problems.

  • Identify a problem you want to solve or work on an existing company problem.

  • Form teams with like-minded YPO peers to work on a viable solution towards the problem.

  • Pitch out and develop your plan to launch your idea, or take your knowledge to the next idea.

  • Get paired up with a YNG/YPO mentor at the end of the program to support you after the weekend if you want to continue with your venture.

  • A great opportunity to meet other YPO high schoolers.

Who is it for?

  • High school students who are curious about entrepreneurship and looking to develop tools to solve real world problems.

  • Parents looking to create an environment at home to foster entrepreneurial development in their student.

  • Students who want a quick, but intensive introduction to what it takes to get a startup off the ground.

  • Parents looking for a unique opportunity to build empathy with their child through business.

  • Students who want a chance to take their idea to the next level.