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Entrepreneurship is the perfect compliment to what's already going on in your classroom.  In this White Paper we cover 5 topics; Finding the answer AND figuring out why, Exposure to a new definition of 'right' and 'wrong', Facilitating true collaboration within traditional teamwork, Encouraging Leadership inside and outside of the classroom, and a Push for passion-based lifelong learning.

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We are excited to share our new Startup-Minded Framework for Young Entrepreneurs we've created in partnership with empathico. 

5, 1-hour lesson plans and presentation materials for your students to go from idea to pitch and create a mobile app prototype along the way.

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Educators know which of their students might be a good fit for a QØ entrepreneurial experience. When you refer a student, we send them an email letting them about your referral and send them a information on our experiences and how to apply. Students who have an educator referral get more attention from our admissions committee.