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Young people succeed in life when they have the skills & mindset of an entrepreneur.

We’ve taken all our award-winning content—our masterclasses, animated videos, startup simulator, and hundreds of pages of resources from the last 7 years—and built an online Academy for educators looking for an individualized approach to entrepreneurship for their students. You can choose to dive deeply into a specific topic or complete our entire program with your students.

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    QØ trains educators to help launch student ventures.

    Quarter Zero is here to help teachers — with all levels of entrepreneurship experience — by providing comprehensive training on how to successfully help students take their startup ideas and turn them into a reality. Sign up to learn more about how Quarter Zero can help you guide your students towards achieving their entrepreneurial dreams!

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    Quarter Zero’s curriculum is designed, first and foremost, to build 21st century life skills by helping students adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. We have achieved this with over 700 high schoolers across 15+ cohorts and now we want to help teachers do the same! Sign up if you’re interested in starting an entrepreneurship club or program at your school.

    Meet Quarter Zero’s Educators

    We think they’re pretty great, and we’re confident you will too.

    Martha Rush

    Martha, founder and CEO of NeverBore Education Consulting and author of Beat Boredom (Stenhouse, 2018), is a nationally recognized teacher with 25 years of classroom experience. She has worked as a professional curriculum writer since 2011 and a workshop consultant since 2013. She founded NeverBore in 2015 with a mission to provide teachers nationwide with hands-on strategies to overcome boredom and improve student engagement and motivation. She now serves as Chief Educator-in-Residence at Quarter Zero and has compiled the QØ Teen Startup Handbook.

    Aarshiya Chaudhry

    Aarshiya leads strategy and development for Quarter Zero’s products. Prior to QØ, Aarshiya spent 5 years working with Teach For India as a teacher, program manager, project lead, and curriculum specialist. At TFI, she conceptualized and led a program to develop entrepreneurship skills amongst students from at-risk communities in Delhi. Most recently, she received her MBA from Yale’s School of Management where she focused on design, innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.


    A Free Resource for Educators


    There are lots of great books about entrepreneurship — The Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Canvas and The Startup Owner’s Manual, to name a few — but they are written with adults in mind.

    At Quarter Zero, we specialize in fostering and promoting teen entrepreneurship, and we realized there was no handbook for that. This book is written to fill that gap. It’s designed specifically for high school students and their teachers, so that YOU can begin learning these skills and launching your own ventures right now. (If you want to.)

    You might be thinking: That’s awesome! Let’s get started right now. Or maybe you’re thinking: I don’t know if this entrepreneurship stuff is for me. I just signed up for this class (or club) — I didn’t really want to start a business.

    Either way, this book is for you. Trust us.