Founders and Free Agents alike all go on to start successful companies.  It's not always the first idea that works, here's a sample of QØ startups

Maidbot Micah Green quarter zero catapult incubator.png


Maidbot revolutionizes the hospitality industry by leaving dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks to autonomous solutions, allowing humans to focus on more meaningful and enjoyable work.  They recently received $2m in series-A funding

Drones for humanity founder mohammed nasir quarter zero catapult ideas.png

Drones For Humanity

Drones for Humanity is a social venture that uses heavy lifting drones to rapidly deliver life-saving aid immediately following a natural disaster. Drones has gone on to win numerous awards and funding grants and is working on its 5th prototype.

Wild Daisy logo joyce hsieh catapult incubator quarter zero.jpg

Wild Daisy

Wild Daisy began as an online handmade phone case shop. After growing and gaining a social media following of over 125K teenage girls, Wild Daisy launched a clothing line in and has recently released an exclusive line of natural body care and soap products.


Mxers Audio Logo bharat pulgam quarter zero catapult incubator.jpg

mXers Audio

mXers Modular Earbuds are the first wired and wireless earbuds created on a patented modular centric design. These are earbuds that can disassemble into 5 (or 3 for wireless) separate parts, allow you to easily interchange any wire or earbud in seconds. mXers recently surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $15k. 

kids tales logo.jpg

Kids Tales

Kids Tales teaches underserved kids all over the country and globe how to write creatively. During weeklong camps, teenagers teach kids ages 8-12 how to brainstorm, write, and edit their own short story. At the end of the week the stories from each individual workshop are compiled in an anthology and self-published on Amazon.

Emojihealth logo founder alexandra philp reeves quarter zero catapult incubator.jpg

Emoji Health

Emoji Health is an app that uses  emojis to communicate healthcare information to kids. The app uses machine learning to provide engaging content anytime a kid is using it. Emoji Health also allows for communication between the patient and healthcare provider, using emojis to track symptoms, compliance, and more.