These people didn't have an idea for a business, but were looking for a community. We call them Free Agents, and here are their stories.

Krystal Lam quarter zero catapult incubator free agent.jpg

Krystal Lam

Entrepreneurship can definitely be learned. A successful entrepreneur spends countless hours with a wall covered with 20 million post-its and 15 million different ideas and hypothesis.

Happy micah estis green founder of maidbot quarter zero catapult ideas.jpg

Micah Estis Green

I have no intention of going back to school, I prefer to get my education in the real world, launching companies.

Kristian Gaylord quarter zero catapult incubator free agent.jpg

Kristian Gaylord

The most transformative year of my life. I learned to trust my instincts, set my own goals, and make my own path instead of blindly following others.