Are You Ready To Power Your Teen's Potential With QØ?

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Your teen can thrive at Quarter Zero.

Whether your teen wants to build the first 1,000 units of their product, get ready to pitch a venture to investors, start something completely new, or join a team, Quarter Zero is the place for your teen this summer.



Summer Is The Time

It's hard to start a company, period. Even harder when your student has finals and AP exams hanging over their head all year. With QØ, your teenager can dive into a startup this summer.

Full Scholarships Available

We offer 100% full ride need-based scholarships and merit-based tuition awards! Applying for either are simple and straightforward.

Easy To Apply

No long essays or transcripts. We are looking for potential. A two page application and a short video. While it's easy to apply, we only accept 50 students.


Guidance From Industry Experts

Each team gets a dedicated industry expert to guide and help troubleshoot along the way. Also pro-bono legal and branding services are made available.

A Community Of Young Go-Getters

Your teen will have the opportunity to meet 50 outstanding young people from all over the world who will join them in a network for life.

100% Real

Your teen has spent enough time planning - this summer it is time to go out and make it happen! We're there to support your student every step of the way.

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QØ partners with leading companies to bring your teen a one-of-a-kind experience.


See what your teen's summer could be like with Quarter Zero!

Hear parents give candid testimonials about their experience with the Catapult Incubator.

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Parent Programming & Resources

QØ recognizes that a young entrepreneur also needs a strong support system at home. We provide a full day parent workshop during the Catapult Incubator, and more, to equip you with the tools and mindset to best help your teen.