You may have heard the myths about entrepreneurship.

Genius superhero defies business experts, slays dragons and makes millions on his (or her) first venture.

You may think entrepreneurship is only for special people. For gifted people. For geniuses who drop out of college or inventors with a long list of patents.

This book is here to change your mind. To help you see that entrepreneurship is not something mythical or magical. It’s a way of looking at the world — a new mindset — that you can learn and practice.

When you become an entrepreneur, you become a problem solver. And whether or not you ever found your own Apple or Instagram, you will learn skills and habits that are valuable in every workplace.


There are lots of great books about entrepreneurship — The Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Canvas and The Startup Owner’s Manual, to name a few — but they are written with adults in mind.

At Quarter Zero, we specialize in fostering and promoting teen entrepreneurship, and we realized there was no handbook for that. This book is written to fill that gap. It’s designed specifically for high school students and their teachers, so that YOU can begin learning these skills and launching your own ventures right now. (If you want to.)

You might be thinking: That’s awesome! Let’s get started right now. Or maybe you’re thinking: I don’t know if this entrepreneurship stuff is for me. I just signed up for this class (or club) — I didn’t really want to start a business.

Either way, this book is for you. Trust us.

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