Get help answering the BIG questions.

Where do I go to college? What do I study? What should my career be? These three decisions all have one thing in common: in order for you to make the right decisions, you have to know yourself.

Discover more about yourself

Receive guidance from coaches with a combined experience of 15+ years in leadership development, career coaching, and specific one-on-one competency building.

Identify your core values

With guidance from experienced coaching, you will begin to understand yourself and your core values deeper – and whether you’re operating with them or not.

Develop your competencies

Throughout your coaching, you will develop skills and mindsets to help you align with your core values, build habits, and achieve targets.

Determine your journey

Work with your coach to curate your personal vision, goals, and related action items.

Where do you want to take your journey?

Startup Coaching

Launching your first startup can be a lot to handle on your own. Good thing you have us.

If you are a group of 3-5 young entrepreneurs who have launched or are aspiring to launch a startup in the next 50 days, have some prior experience working on a venture, and are looking for effective guidance to move in the right direction… this is for you.

The Fellowship

Through intensive, personalized coaching, strong community building, and some fun and introspective in-person weekends in sunny Santa Barbara, the QØ Fellowship will help you develop key knowledge, skills, and mindsets essential to build and evolve a personal vision for the present and future.

The Fellowship is limited to only 20 students every year and is an eight-month long engagement that includes in-person retreats, regular coaching calls, and personalized guidance for anything you’re facing in life.