Immersive entrepreneurship…virtually.

Develop your entrepreneurial skills & mindset.

Students succeed in life when they have the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur.

Expand your 3 pillars of entrepreneurship…virtually.

Create a startup, activate your entrepreneurial mindset, and get support from peers and mentors.


I. Skills

Customer Discovery
Customer Acquisition


II. Mindset

Critical Thinking
Innovation Mapping
Problem Solving
Team Resilience
Leadership Ability


III. People

Work with Peers
Learn from Pros
Ongoing Mentorship
Real-Time Feedback
Interact with Customers

It’s more than just Zoom calls.

Our VR Hybrid programs are meant for people craving real experience!

15 Min. Masterclasses

As with all our programs, we have real entrepreneurs teach our courses. We don’t believe in long-lectures or having professors with minimal startup experience teach. Our masterclasses are designed to specifically focus on one core concept, each with immediate next steps for integrating. Masterclasses will be a mix of Zoom calls, VR fireside chats, QØ’s animated curriculum, and more.

Action & Integration

Immediately after each masterclass, teams work together to integrate the core concepts just discussed into their venture idea. Teams will be set up in virtual reality conference rooms with QØ facilitators and mentors working with each group to provide custom engagement and experience.

Learn from Real Customers

By leveraging the QØ community along with students’ own networks, each team will conduct customer interviews virtually with individuals to gain valuable insights and feedback for the problem they are solving and approach with their prototype.

Expert Guidance

There are no answers in the back of the book of entrepreneurship, and having someone who is experienced with launching a venture is invaluable. QØ has over 250 specialists and advisors in our community and we pair each team with a Community Team Member (CTM) or working professional to serve as a team advisor throughout the engagement.

Grow Your Network

With over 700 students from 40 states and 15 countries, the most powerful asset at QØ is our community of alumni students, parents, and advisors. While the program may be virtual, the level of individual engagement is significant and will provide the foundation for lasting friendships that will continue to grow over time.

Meet some of our amazing advisors and mentors.



Design Lead




Dir. of Product Research

The Future Project





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Startup Camp: VR Hybrid

The Startup Camp is a 10-day virtual crash course in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and understanding of what it takes to get an idea off the ground.

Duration10 Days
DatesJuly 12-21
MentorshipEach team is paired with a QØ community team member to serve as their team mentor throughout the 10 days.
Demo DayThe 10 day camp has a pared-down version of the Demo Day engagement.
Capacity50 max
Team Sizes3-5 students
Installment Options$240 (5 installments)
Single-Payment Discount5%

Catapult Incubator: VR Hybrid

The Catapult Incubator is an intensive, 50-day program designed to help you create and pitch your startup venture with a team of peer entrepreneurs.

Duration50 Days
DatesJune 3-27: At your own pace prep
June 28 - July 22: Structured Program
MentorshipEach team is paired with a professional advisor/mentor for guidance throughout the 50 days.
Demo DayTeams pitch their ventures to industry experts, investors, family, friends, and all of QØ's online followers.
Capacity50 max
Team Sizes3-5 students
Installment Options$800 (5 installments)
Single-Payment Discount5%

VR Headset Optional

For the virtual reality components of our summer programs, we recommend the Oculus Quest, which can be hard to get ahold of. You can keep a close eye out for when they’re in stock by using this website to check all major Oculus retailers.


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