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"That changed this summer after the boys participated in Catapult, a highly competitive and selective incubator for high school entrepreneurs. In addition to New York, where Catapult is based, the incubator brought Lace-Up's founders to Chicago and San Francisco, giving them access to advisers from Google, McKinsey & Co., and Microsoft Reactor, among other business notables - and subjecting them to critiques."

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"Bharat Pulgam got an initial push as part of Catapult, an incubator program for budding high school entrepreneurs.  A junior at Wayzata High School, he and his team have created modular earbuds with pieces that can be unhooked and replaced if damaged, so users don’t have to buy entirely new earbuds.  His recent Kickstarter campaign passed it's goal of $25,000."

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"Entrepreneurship is a growing field for teens. Young people are searching for something that isn’t traditionally supplied by schools. Because of this great need, many opportunities have sprung up all around the United States (and world). These range from in-school classes to after-school workshops and from programs lasting a couple of hours to a few months. Some focus on teaching concepts and theory, while others try to help you launch a real company. There is a lot out there, and a young person with entrepreneurial potential needs to carefully examine which program will be best."

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