$25,000 in scholarship for ALL LaunchX members and alumni

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LaunchX teams and individuals thrive at Quarter Zero. You will too.

Whether you want to build the first 1,000 units of your product, get ready to pitch your venture to investors, start something completely new, or join a team and help scale a different venture, QØ is the place for you this summer.

All LaunchX members and alumni qualify for a $1000 tuition scholarship (at the very minimum!)

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Summer Is The Time

It's hard to start a company, period. Even harder when you've got finals and AP exams hanging over your head all year. With QØ you can dive in and live your startup this summer.

Full Scholarships Available

We offer 100% full ride need-based scholarships and have set aside $25,000 just for LaunchX members and alumni. Additionally every Launchie will receive a $1,000 tuition award.

Easy For Launchies To Apply

No long essays or transcripts. We are looking for potential. A two page application and a short video. While it's easy to apply, we only accept 50 people.


Guidance From Industry Experts

Each team gets a dedicate industry expert to guide and help troubleshoot along the way. Also pro-bono legal and branding services are made available.

A Community Of Young Go-Getters

Meet 50 outstanding young people from all over the world who will join your network for life.

100% Real

You've already planned enough, this summer is time to go out and make it happen, and we're there to support you every step of the way.

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QØ partners with leading companies to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience.


Power your potential and apply today