Startup Bootcamp


Bootcamp Details

Program Fee


Hotel & Local Transport
$900 (optional)

Full Tuition scholarships available

What Is It?

- We select 50 students from your region.

- Develop a mindset for solving real world problems (i.e. - entrepreneurial mindset).

- Identify a problem you want to solve or work on an existing company problem.

- Form teams with like-minded peers to work on a viable solution towards the problem.

- Get paired up with a mentor to support you through the process.

- Pitch out and develop your plan to launch your idea, or take your knowledge to the next idea.

This Is For Those Who:

- Curious about developing tools and mindset to solve real world problems (aka - entrepreneurial mindset).

- Want a quick, but intensive introduction to what it takes to get a startup off the ground.

- Looking for short and flexible program to fit with other summer engagements.

- Who want a chance to take their idea to the next level.

- Who want a short + sweet < 15 min application


Location & Dates


Atlanta, GA

June 8-17

In-person dates June 8-10 & 15-17


Austin, TX

June 8-17

In-person dates June 8-10 & 15-17


Los Angeles, CA

August 3-12

In-person dates Aug. 3-5 & 10-12


Boulder, CO

August 3-12

In-person dates Aug. 3-5 & 10-12


Schedule + Structure


Opening Weekend
(Friday 4pm - Sunday 2pm)

Week of Work
(Monday-Thursday online from 10am-4pm with advisor meetings on Monday and Wednesday at 7pm)

Closing Weekend
(Friday 4pm - Sunday 2pm)


This is a beta!

Here at QØ we like to practice what we teach around experimenting and our Bootcamp experience is that very result. We listened to thousands of students who desired an immersive experience where they they could start their journey, but that they could also manage with their existing commitments such as sports and academic engagements over the summer, and a program that was overall more affordable and accessible to all types of people.

Because this is a beta for us, we reserve the right to consolidate locations or to cancel the program entirely. If we do this and the location no longer works for your dates, we will fully refund your application and program fee. 

What You'll Do


Form a team, come up with an idea, go through the 5-step startup process

On the first day you and the whole cohort will come up with a bunch of ideas you are excited about.  The best ideas will have teams form around them.  You and your team will take your idea and go through he 5-step startup process.