QØ Startup Camp | Rocky Mountain, CO


Adventure on! Climb mountains, go white water rafting, explore trails while getting a crash course in entrepreneurship fundamentals.  

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The Experience

If you love camping and outdoor adventures, then this is the QØ Startup Camp for you. We’ve teamed up with one of Colorado’s best rafting and adventure companies to host QØ’s Startup Camp in Rocky Mountain, CO. You’ll start each day with an exciting outdoor activity, such as whitewater rafting or mountain hiking, then dive into our entrepreneurship masterclasses where you’ll work alongside other adventure-seeking entrepreneurs from across the globe.


A Typical Day Includes

Startup Masterclasses


Customer Discovery

Understanding your customers is the only way to success. You’ll learn how to conduct customer interviews, analyze and synthesize your findings, and come away with real learnings to apply to your next idea.


Ideation + Prototyping

It all starts with an idea. We’ll take you through the tried and true methods you can use to come up with your own startup-worthy ideas. Then we’ll go over the tools for rapid prototyping so you can make your idea real, fast.


Product Testing + Selling

Learn how to identify your target market, find your first customers, and generate revenue, while iterating and improving your product.


Power Storytelling

Once you have a great product and some early customers, it’s time to tell a great story to bring in a few employees and go after funding to help you scale. You’ll learn the necessary elements for a persuasive story, how to design visuals that are compelling, and how to ignite the crowd when you are onstage.



Business skills sessions on Networking 101, Professional Communication, Data Analysis, Finance, and Legal Essentials


Local Experiences


Including white water rafting, rock climbing, fishing, and more!

Application Deadlines

Early Enrollment

Deadline: 1/13

Decision: 1/21

Benefits: Priority for program dates, compete against the smallest pool of applicants, and get a decision sooner.

Spring Enrollment

Deadline: 2/24

Decision: 3/14

Benefits: More time to apply, but competing against a larger pool of candidates.

Rolling Admissions

We will consider applications on a rolling basis, if space permits.



Program Fee

2019 Tuition*: $1,400

Room, most meals, activities, + local transportation**: $550

Total: $1,950

*Full Tuition scholarships and awards available

** Students are responsible for travel expenses to and from camp destination


Program Dates

Four program schedules are available. The content and format are the same, only the dates differ.

Week 1: July 9 - 14

Week 2: July 16 - 21

Week 3: July 23 - 28

Week 4: July 30 - Aug. 4



We’re partnering with Noah’s Ark Whitewater Rafting Company to host students for an exciting camping adventure. Students will camp in large, stationary tents (provided). Shower facilities are available and the campground hosts all meals in a covered pavilion.

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