From brainstorming to manufacturing, we’re here to help.

Launching your first startup can be a lot to handle on your own. Good thing you have us.

Meet with the QØ Coach at least once a week

Work with your team on average 6-10 hours per week

Take your venture to the next level

This is for you if you are a group of 3-5 young entrepreneurs who have launched or are aspiring to launch a startup in the next 50 days, have some prior experience working on a venture, and are looking for effective guidance to move in the right direction.

A Five-Phase Approach

Receive guidance from coaches with a combined 15+ years of experience in leadership development, career coaching, and specific one-on-one competency building.

Introduction: The Design Mindset & Methodology

Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • The QØ Culture Pillars: what, why, how
  • Design Challenges & Sprints

Phase II: The Problem

Discovery and Validation | 2-4 Weeks

  • Problem discovery: finding the right problem
  • Problem validation: does anyone else care?

Phase III: The Customer

Discovery and Validation | 2-4 Weeks

  • Identify your customer: create personas
  • Find your customer: talk to humans

Phase IV: The Product

Discovery and Validation | 3-7 Weeks

  • Ideate on your solution
  • Analyze product-market fit
  • MVP: test and build prototypes

Phase V: The Story

Discovery and Delivery | 2-3 Weeks

  • Identify key themes
  • Prepare your story: demo & visuals
  • Pitch to an audience

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  • Beginner teams: intro to design and lean methodology
  • Intermediate teams: team dynamics, troubleshooting focused on effective product-market fit
  • Advanced teams: developing viable business models, sustaining customer base, generating funds/revenue