“QØ was a transformational experience that taught me a lot about starting a business.”

~ Satvik Garg, Student
(YPO Emirates) 

“QØ was an awesome experience.”

~ Rudi Eyl, Student (YPO Miami)

“QØ should be on the bucket list of every teenager aspiring to become an entrepreneur. My daughter has benefitted immensely and I can see the difference in her confidence, clarity of thoughts, and presentation.”

~ Abhijit Pawar
(YPO Bombay North Star)

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 “I absolutely loved the whole QØ program! It was truly a complete entrepreneurial experience with all the assignments, speakers, classes, etc.”

~ Antonella Wing, Student
(YPO Honduras)

“This was an exceptional unique experience for my teen. The program is much more than I expected and I have found elsewhere. QØ boosted Francesca’s confidence in so many areas! She not only grew academically business-wise, she also gained social confidence.”
~ Georgette George
(YPO Mountain State Gold)

“QØ is a great opportunity to make you step out of your comfort zone and it really enhances your thinking skills.”

~ Quentin Wheeler, Student
(YPO Miami)


“Our daughter, Anjali started the QØ incubator program with a fledgling idea. But over the course of the program, with the input she received from seasoned business people and dedicated mentors, she was able to breathe life into her idea. Today, she is continuing to expand and develop her venture. The QØ community continues to be a source of mentorship and support for her. As an entrepreneur, it is gratifying to see your child start something from scratch and build it into something meaningful. And for that, I am very grateful to QØ.”

~ Vidya Ravichandran
(YPO Bluegrass)

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“QØ is a great organization to give your teen a head start in business, execution and life. The experience will help build a strong foundation that combines learning, teamwork, initiative, creativity, critical thinking and presentation skills. We love what QØ has done to increase our son's confidence level and solidify his love for business and entrepreneurship." 

~ Vijay Talwar
(YPO Chicago Windy-City)


“I give QØ a 10 because it is a great program and every budding entrepreneur should experience it.”

~ Janhavi Pawar, Student
(YPO Mumbai) 

“My mom asked me what I thought of the QØ Program and the first words that came to mind were ‘I LOVED IT!’”

~ Francesca George, Student
(YPO Mountain State Gold)


“QØ is a unique experience that provides students with invaluable resources and teaches skills that will not only help the students become successful entrepreneurs and professionals but also equip them with the necessary tools to become true change makers in society.”

~ Meenakshi Garg
(YPO Emirates)

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“During QØ, I have been exposed to many new and exciting skills. These skills will not only help me succeed in my process with QØ but they will also benefit me for the rest of my life. Going to QØ solidified my initial choice of pursuing an education in business. I am grateful to have been involved in QØ and I would highly recommend it to others.” 

~ Niko Talwar, Student
(YPO Chicago - Windy City)

“QØ has taught me how to think outside of the box, and how to be creative and take risks in the work world.  I have definitely decided to major in Business in college because of this, and I would recommend it to everyone!” 

~ Spencer Wilson, Student
(YPO Chicago Windy-City)

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