We are pleased to announce our merit-based Tuition Awards for the 2017 year. Tuition Awards are worth up to $1,000 and all relevant Founders & Free Agents are encouraged to apply.

Catapult Summer Incubator_Headshot_Aarushi Machavarapu.JPG

Social Impact Founder Award

Aarushi Machavarapu

2017 Winner

For a Founder with a Venture Idea that creates social good in the world and demonstrates an understanding of widespread impact.

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STEM Founder Award:

Gabe, Ali, Matt

2017 Winners  

For a Founder that demonstrates an impressive ability to incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) knowledge into his / her Venture Idea.

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Female Founder Award:

Pooja Gupta

2017 Winner

For a female Founder who demonstrates strong leadership skills and a determination to break the glass ceiling in the world of entrepreneurship.

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Free Agent Award

Erica Marney

Winner 2017

For Free Agents who demonstrate flexibility and an ability to adapt to changing scenarios, new ideas, and fluctuating team dynamics.

How to Apply?

Within your regular FluidReview application, there is a section to choose which award fits you best. You will be asked to explain how you embody the requirements of the award (150 word limit).

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Feature: 2016 Summer Winner: Lillian, Founder of Teo Foods

Lillian was the winner of our 2016 Summer Social Impact Founder Award! She originally was accepted to Catapult with the venture idea “Teo Juice.” She had a mission to “decrease food waste while providing a sustainable solution for food-insecure families and overpopulating cities.” She planned to purchase discounted “ugly fruit” that would otherwise be discarded by farmers in order to create healthy juices & smoothies. Beyond just a great idea, Lillian exhibited a tremendous amount of research and thought behind the roots of the problem and cultural influences. She had a strong understanding of her customer base and the impact she would be able to serve. Beyond that, she demonstrated strong leadership skills & a passion for social impact as a whole through her previous ventures and accomplishments.

Through further industry research and customer conversation, Lillian’s venture team decided to focus on the same problem, but with a new solution: expanding the reach of companies that already used reclaimed fruit & vegetable ingredients. Ultimately, they changed their name to “Teo Foods” and now provide eco-friendly, natural Teo Snack Boxes.

At our New York City Demo Day, hosted by Barclays Rise New York, Teo Foods won Overall Favorite, the Social Impact Award, and a $1,000 grant from our generous partners 1517 Fund. Lillian is now continuing Teo Foods while studying at Princeton University!

2016 Winner:  Founder of Teo Foods (Lillian Chen)

2016 Winner: Founder of Teo Foods (Lillian Chen)

Watch Lillian's pitch of Teo Foods