Catapult Incubator

6-week full immersion program on startup culture, mindset, and tools


What You’ll Experience

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Visit the innovation hubs of Silicon Valley, Chicago, and New York City



Take masterclasses with business professionals in their work places where they create and innovate

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Utilize new skills in the real world with an actual business venture

Who We Look For



You have a developed, tested, or implemented business venture or a really good idea.


You've taken initiative to develop a venture idea: this could be product testing, development, customer interviews, or running the company. You have concrete evidence of these developments.

You and a team are already working on something and want to bring all or some of your team to the Incubator to grow your idea.

At a minimum you have a vetted idea that can be replicated and scaled.

We look for Founders across a spectrum of ideas from non-profit, to technology, to food trucks. We also accept Founders that have very new ideas as well as Founders with companies that have been running for a few years. We like variety.


Free Agent

You do not have a venture idea, but you want to unlock your entrepreneurial potential.


You are ready to join an established Founder’s venture team and contribute meaningfully from the very first day. You have passion and are willing to do whatever it takes.

You hope to take the skills, knowledge, and network from the Incubator to one day start your own venture or work at a startup.

You want to start your journey and aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty.

We accept Free Agents with all types of experience from a range of ages. From freshmen who have never done anything like this before but blow us away with their passion to graduating seniors who want one last chance at a startup before going to college.


The Program


The 5-stage Startup Process


Over 6 weeks, you will be growing an actual venture with a team. The program covers a 5-stage process and each team will have to take those learnings, apply it to their venture, and then test it in the real world. While the stage of each venture varies, you’ll leave the program with the knowledge and skills to do it again on your own in the future. Check out what it’s like behind the scenes at Demo Day, the grand finale of the Incubator.

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1. Customer Discovery

Understanding your customers is the only way to success. You’ll learn how to conduct customer interviews, analyze and synthesize your findings, and come away with real learnings to apply to your venture.


2. Ideation

It all starts with an idea. We’ll take you through the tried and true methods you can use to come up with your own startup-worthy ideas and help existing ventures branch out into something new.


3. Prototyping

'Make it real' is a motto we live by at QØ. The challenge is making something real as quickly as you can. We go over how to do that and tools that you can use for rapid prototyping of software applications as well as concrete products and services.


4. Customer Acquisition + Growth

The hardest part of any startup is going from a few customers to many. We help you tap into what you have that no one else does. Learn how to growth hack like a rockstar. This includes financial modeling and revenue modeling.


5. Pitching

Now it's time to tell the story. Learn how to pitch your venture to maximize appeal for investors, find new teammates, and open up networks.


Power Your Potential

Each venture comes to QØ at a different stage in their journey and each team member brings a different set of skills to the table. The program is designed to provide you with new skills and knowledge, but it is on you and your teammates to apply it to your venture. QØ is about real world learning and doing.




Program Fee

2019 Tuition*

Room, most meals, activities, + local transportation**

Total: $6,450

*Full Tuition scholarships and awards available

** Students are responsible for travel expenses to each city


Four program schedules are available. The content and format are the same, only the dates and kick-off city differ.

Incubator A: June 17-July 26 Silicon Valley to Chicago to New York

Incubator B: June 17-July 26 Chicago to New York to Silicon Valley

Incubator C: June 24-August 2 Silicon Valley to Chicago to New York

Incubator D: June 24-August 2 Chicago to New York to Silicon Valley


The Incubator meets three times, each time in a different city: Silicon Valley, Chicago, and New York City.

We have picked three entrepreneurial hubs that will provide exposure to new cities, startups, advisors, and experts each time.

Many students choose to stay a few extra days to take in additional sights.

Hotels, Meals, and Shuttles

No need to worry here! Once you land in each city, we handle most logistics for you. We provide an airport shuttle, make the hotel reservations, pair you with a roommate, arrange most meals*, and organize transportation each day. More details provided during the application process.

*There are a handful of team-bonding meals where ventures eat out on their own.

Application Deadlines

Early Enrollment

Deadline: 12/2

Decision: 12/10

Benefits: Pick your top choice program dates, compete against the smallest pool of applicants, and get a decision sooner.

Spring Enrollment

Deadline: 2/24

Decision: 3/14

Benefits: More time to apply, top two program dates, but competing against a larger pool of candidates.

Rolling Admissions

We will consider applications on a rolling basis, if space permits.