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Kaylee G, 15

Founder, Jobscopia

quarter zero founders Frys Guys.JPG

Max 17, Chase 16, Sam 16

Cofounders, The Fry Guys

quzrter zero free agent shreya vasagiri.JPG

Shreya V, 15

Free Agent, LunchVo

QØ Startups


QØ Alumni have started over 70 startups

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brilliantile quarter zero catapult incubator.jpg


Like Nest, but for your driveway.  Brilliantile is a smart landscaping tile that removes snow from walkways and driveways automatically.  The team built custom hardware and software that connects the tile to local weather reports.  The team also built an iOS app to control the tile when you aren't at home and set schedules.

fry guy logo quarter zero catapult incubator.jpg

The Fry Guys

The Fry Guys are on a mission to make fries the hero! A food truck company that makes crazy awesome variations on fries (try the dessert fries).  They are hoping to franchise the company so that Fry Guys can be all over the US and sell their custom fry sauces in grocery stores. 

Threading twine logo quarter zero catapult incubator.jpg

Threading Twine

Threading twine is a media company that gives young people a voice.  The TT team helps you edit your writing, photos, video, poem, you name it so that it's ready for the 1000s of visitors TT receives to their platform each day.  TT is moving beyond media and helping young people become activists for issues they care about.


Your QØ Advisors


A highlight of the QØ experience is the relationship you and your team develop with your dedicated business Advisor.  Weekly meetings with these industry experts help you and your venture grow. 

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Hayley Darden quarter zero advisor.jpeg

Hayley D

Talent Ops & Innovation


Alison M

Design Lead

Khahlil Lousiy quarter zero advisor.jpeg

Khahlil L

E-Commerce & Marketing


QØ Judges


We bring in entrepreneurs who are at the top of their field to hear your final pitches and offer advice, guidance, and a connection that will last long past this experience.

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Slava Rubin q-zero judge.jpg

Slava Rubin

Founder of Indiegogo

elizabeth-scherle q-zero judge.jpg

Elizabeth Scherle

Founder of Influenster

perihan abouzeid.jpg

Peria Abozeid

Founder & CEO of MoviePigs


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We partner with leading companies to show you what happens after your startup succeeds.  Learn from the best and visit some of the coolest companies.