What is QØ Studio?

Our mission is to power the potential of young people and we are looking for members who want to join us in inspiring and tangibly supporting the next generation of dreamers, entrepreneurs, and activists!

QØ Studio (The Studio) is a community-centered workspace. Quarter Zero believes in the power of a collaborative workspace and the importance of paying it forward.

How many will be selected?

20 individuals from a set of diverse backgrounds will be selected as an Expert-in-Residence (EIR) in The Studio for a period of three months at a time with the option to renew at the end of the three month period.

What requirements are there as an Expert-in-Residence?

EIRs will be asked to give back to the QØ community for ~8 hours a month via designated weekly ‘office hours.’ Residents make themselves available to youth for interpersonal coaching or to lend industry expertise.

What’s included in a QØ Studio membership?

Besides complimentary coffee, snacks, and other amenities, QØ offers startup support, special community events, and two different points of rooftop access!

How much does it cost?

$200 for your own, dedicated desk in a shared workspace. Please note that QØ will be hosting periodic events (mainly in the summer and on the weekends) and will relocate you to our main office just 20 ft away for the day.


Key Selling Propositions

What sets the product apart?  

  • The mission component of the QØ Studio separates it from our competitors

  • We’re cheap, but still classy!

  • It’s not about the Benjamins baby…we’ve subsidised your rent because we care more about the value you will bring to our young people

What are the key value adds to the consumer?

  • Collaborative workspace

  • Office supplies

  • Opportunity to inspire young people

  • Amenities: coffee, beer, kitchen, conference rooms

  • Access to QØ resources


Interested in applying?

Occupancy starting August 1