QØ Fellowship + QØ Life Coach

Personal development beyond entrepreneurship



We believe that every person has potential.

The potential to create, disrupt and thrive.

But for that potential to be fully realized

it needs to be affirmed and developed starting at an early age.

At Quarter Zero (QØ), we exist to help young people power their potential.

We do this by creating an immersive, real-world entrepreneurial environment where young people can work hand-in-hand with top industry advisors to shape and guide their passions and ideas.

Our learning and development experiences challenge our participants to become problem solvers, equipped with the skills to thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world.

The alumni network and investment arm keep us connected, providing professional resources and access to industry advisors for everyone who has been part of a Quarter Zero experience and direct-financial support for select startups.

By identifying, developing, and nurturing the unique individual skills, passions and values of each student, the Quarter Zero Fellowship and Quarter Zero Life Coaching programs aim to focus, develop, and support people to achieve their goals and to navigate life decisions and moments in a healthy and sustainable manner with community at its core.

Every person has potential… we’re glad you are here to power yours.



After the past six years working with over 700 students in the Catapult Incubator program, we have learned that every student has different challenges and barriers they are working to overcome. Different support is needed depending on different stages in a student’s life. The QØ Fellowship and QØ Life Coaching were both created to dive deeply into the personal development and individuality of our students with the philosophy that once a student has identified, reflected, and developed their skills, passions, and values, navigating life’s challenging journey can be done in a healthy and sustainable way.

An unfortunate reality for today’s students is that stress is at an all-time high, and high stress can lead to anxiety and other physical and mental health issues. At Quarter Zero, we hope to create systems and processes to manage pressure in a healthy and sustainable way. We want to sort through stress, reframe it, provide self-understanding and offer direction and confidence to continue on the journey. One main objective of this fellowship is to redefine what personal success looks like and to help students break free of cultural pressures for different definitions of success.

The QØ Fellowship and QØ Life Coach are structured by first laying the foundation of personal development: helping individuals discover who they are and what their natural abilities, strengths and interests are. Once we have personal development set in motion, we are then able to provide personal direction. The personal direction component of the Fellowship helps create both short term and long term goals, and then build a structured, healthy environment to attain those goals.





During the first 100 days , we lay the foundation for discovering the individual: identity, development, growth, health and community. This nurturing and understanding of the individual remains a constant throughout the entirety of their engagement with Quarter Zero. Once we have laid the foundation, we work with the student to identify their individualized goals through, what we call “Pathways.” In the spring semester, we focus on creating and implementing a plan to achieve these goals.

The consistent feedback we’ve received over the last six years is that what makes this program so impactful is the relationships students make with one another. Living in an increasingly virtual world, having in-person sessions is paramount to students forming meaningful relationships. In first in-person session takes place October 4-6, and the objective of this session is to dive deeply into who their peers and coaches are, create personal objectives and goals for the next 100 days, and have the ability to more closely examine the personal development content of this program. 

The second in-person session is January 4-6 where we focus on launching the students “Pathways”. The third and final session is May 15-17 where will focus on structuring the summer for success and making the most of their time out of school. In this final weekend, we also invite parents and families to Santa Barbara to participate in a half-day parent session on how to support your student in addition to a celebration for the first year of the fellowship until we start again in the fall. 

More detailed information on the in-person weekends can be found in the FAQ section below.




October 4 - 6

Oct. 15

Dec. 1

Dec. 15 - Jan. 2

January 3-5


May 1-14

May 15-17

June - Aug

September 15

- Weekend 1 - In-Person Session 

- Peer-Led Forums Begin Monthly

- Spring “Pathways” Selected

- Break: Holidays

- Weekend 2 - In-Person Session

- Optional Event: Spring Break Startup Camp!

- Break: AP Testing & DECA Nationals

- Weekend 3 - In-Person Session with Parents!

- Break: Summer

- Fellows Transition to “Life Coaching” plan only working remotely building off the established foundation and community.




Throughout the first phase we will be diving into different “Themes” that we have structured as: Identify, Immerse, Direct, Act, and Reflect. These themes will be prevalent and referenced throughout the entire coaching engagement, below is an outline to give you a better picture of how things will be structured.




Similar to the Fellowship, in the first 100 days of the Life Coaching engagement, students will lay the foundation for discovering the individual: identity, development, growth, health and community. At a higher level than the Fellowship, we will work with the student to identify their individualized goals and determine their Pathways. Alongside their coach, students will create and implement their plan to proceed on their specific Pathway. 



October 1 — First Coaching Session and Kickoff

October - May — Coaching Sessions Every Three Weeks



Again, similar to the Fellowship, in the Phases and approach is similar, but does not include any of the community and peer-led forum components mentioned. Additionally, the level of support is not as in-depth with the Life Coach.




Shoot me straight - what’s the actual benefit and value? This is expensive…

A parent once asked…“What three things will I get from this experience that I can’t get from my high school counselor or college counselor?”





Going through the motions of high school life rarely digging under the surface to the core of what drives their emotions, opinions, and values. 


Acquiring the deepest self-understanding of your values, gifts, while developing a high level of confidence in who you are with the utmost humility. Our Fellows work to identify, understand, process, and manage high levels of anxiety and stress with a goal to live daily in a healthy and sustainable way.






Stuck in the cultural expectations and current of life, letting the river fully direct their path until they end up at the end of the stream. Never reaching the shore and getting to explore their own path…maintaining the status quo.


We help you escape high school life’s crippling and anxiety-inducing grasp of expectations by pulling you to the shore out of the current. We help you catch your breath, and then reorient you towards an open field that represents a different type of journey, where there are no roads, or paths. It’s up to you to set the compass direction, and it’s QØ’s job to support you every step of the way. 






Your network is your friends, classmates, and teammates, of which you might share similarities with. Of 700 students we’ve worked with, the number one thing they say is missing in their lives is an actual community of like-minded, driven, curious individuals who won’t settle for the status quo.


Never alone with a peer community of people to walk the journey with, as well as access to the QØ community of coaches who will leverage all resources available to ensure you reach your goals. 


P.S. - If you have a college counselor, that is awesome and we recommend them for helping hold you accountable with all those application details and deadlines. What QØ does is much deeper and larger than just getting you into college. We’re focused on the long term.





(For Fellowship Program Only)

*All opportunities and participation are expected to be done remotely.



- $300 Tuition Credit (up to $5,000)

For every student referred and enrolled in 2020 QØ programming, the Fellow will receive a $300 Tuition Credit. Limit of $5,000 Tuition Credit.




- $300 Tuition Credit

Students can receive a $300 Tuition Credit serving as a Social Media Promoter. Requirements to be a QØ Social Promoter:

  • Promote each QØ Instagram and Facebook Post with a heart and comment

  • Publish 4 posts on Instagram and Facebook over 12-months that highlight your QØ experience or promote a QØ initiative.

  • Provide public comments and feedback to all QØ Videos, Blogs, Reviews.




- $500 Tuition Credit

Students can receive a $500 Tuition Credit serving as a local QØ Ambassador. Requirements to be a QØ Ambassador:

  1. Hosting at least one event locally with 10+ registered guests.

    This event could be a general information event after school where you share your QØ experience and upcoming opportunities. The event could also be a 2-Hour Startup Sprint or a Startup Pitch Competition after-school. We’ll provide you with swag, awards, and structure if you have an interest in getting more involved.

  2. Participating in a featured blog post for QØ

  3. Publishing an essay on the impact of your QØ experience in school or local newspaper.


*Note: If you have been awarded an Ambassador Scholarship previously, you can still receive this credit



- $1,000 Tuition Credit

Serve as a trusted advisor to QØ and help us create and develop new and amazing programs that continue to power the potential of young people. Requirements to be a Youth Advisory Board member:

  • Provide 20-hours of support to QØ during the Fall and Spring semester.

  • All requests for feedback will come with a 7-day turnaround requirement




- $1,500 Tuition Credit

Love QØ’s mission and want to bring it to other students to your school and local community? QØ is launching a student-led initiative for local communities




- $200-$2,500 Tuition Credit

Are you a gifted writer? Looking for an outlet and platform to share your insights and experience with various topics that pertain to empowering young people on their life journey? There are various levels of engagement from writing blog-posts, to long-form articles, to short stories, and even helping create characters and write in our children’s book series. The following are the levels of engagement and what Tuition Credit Awarded:

  • $200 Tuition Credit per Blog Post (500-1,000 words)

  • $400 Tuition Credit per Long-Form Article (2,500-5,000 words)

  • $600 Tuition Credit per Short Story or Children’s Book Finalized




For those who desire a longer payment plan, there is the option to do a 24-month payment plan. A 10% Tuition Insurance premium is included with an extended payment plan.




The initial year of the Fellowship and Life Coaching will be exclusively for Quarter Zero alumni. With our alumni network, we have had the opportunity to better know how each student is driven, how they handle challenges, their drive to work through a problem, and, at their core, who they are as people. This allows us to select - and make a better community for - the Fellowship. Our alumni are in many different stages of life: high school student, high school graduate, college student, young professional. The Fellowship and Life Coaching programs are structured to meet each student where they are, knowing they will be at different stages. 


We know that the role of the parent is far more integral for a student’s journey than we can be at Quarter Zero. We wish to be a resource to parents and will be providing various opportunities for parents to engage both directly and indirectly with their students. Specialists, speakers, curriculum and the Quarter Zero community will be part of these opportunities of engagement for parents.







Hotel Milo takes inspiration from Santa Barbara’s most prolific hotelier, Milo Potter, whose magnificent Potter Hotel put this picturesque coastal destination on the map. One of the most centrally located beach hotels in Santa Barbara, Hotel Milo’s lovely 2.5-acre property includes Ambassador Park, a beautiful lawn framed by iconic California palm trees that once served as the grand entrance to the Potter Hotel. Built in the traditional Spanish-style architecture that reflects this city’s rich colonial history, this classic Santa Barbara hotel steps from the beach features 122 charming guestrooms, as well as a beautiful courtyard with outdoor pools and gardens.

Click to explore Hotel Milo.




After 5-years in NYC, QØ moved it’s headquarters to Santa Barbara and moved into the historic El Centro Building, a prominent building adjacent to the renowned Lobero Theatre and ideally situated within Santa Barbara’s vibrant Presidio District.

As part of the property, QØ took control of the entire top floor of the building to serve as their operational HQ and converted an empty racquetball court into Santa Barbara’s first Makerspace Studio open to the public and is the home to summer programming. If you are ever in sunny Santa Barbara, drop us a line, we would love to give you a tour and show you where the magic happens.



Is financial assistance available?

  • Yes, please see the Financial Assistance Options section above! There are a lot of different options for you to select from.

What is the application process?

  • There is no formal application process for the QØ Fellowship and Life Coaching. As alumni of Quarter Zero, we have had the opportunity to better know how you are driven, how you handle challenges, your drive to work through a problem, and who you are as individuals. Through one-on-one conversations with Quarter Zero staff, we will select individuals based on their desire for individual development and their motivation to invest in these programs.

What happens after I finish the Fellowship?

  • If you would like to continue working with Quarter Zero, we encourage our graduating Fellows to renew their engagement with us through the Life Coaching program remotely with optional in-person gatherings.

Can I miss any of the in-person weekends for the Fellowship if I have a sporting event, SAT test, family event, etc?

  • Unfortunately, no.

What is my school doesn’t allow us to miss any days?

  • Please send us the initial letter from your school denying your departure and Josh will personally work with the school to get things approved. If they don’t budge, we’ll work with you to still make the most of the first days.

What is the cancellation policy? 

  • Life Coaching:

    • Monthly Plan: 30 days’ notice required for cancellation

    • Annual Plan: Before Dec 31, 30% refund. No refunds after Dec 31.

  • QØ Fellowship:

    • Monthly Plan: 90 days’ notice required for cancellation due to event bookings

    • Annual Plan: Before Dec 31=, 20% refund. No refunds after Dec 31.

Do you guarantee that I will get into a college?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will be accepted, but we hope we will improve your chances and outlook on the process.

When are coaches available?

  • After the first session when you are paired with your coach, you will find a consistent time that works for you and your coach to meet so you can both plan around it. Our coaches are primarily in the Pacific Time Zone. If you have strict schedule requirements, please let our team know during the planning period in September, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Tell me more about the In-Person Fellowship Weekends!

  • Timing:

    • Each in-person weekend will begin at 1pm on Friday and conclude at 1pm on Sunday.

    • Flights will need to be scheduled to Santa Barbara accordingly, and Quarter Zero will provide transportation for students to and from the Santa Barbara Airport (and throughout the weekend). If your school requires documentation for absences, we will be happy to provide whatever  is needed.

  • Flights and Local Transport:

    • Are flights included in the Tuition Fee?

      • No

    • Are shuttles provided from the Santa Barbara Airport (SBA)?

      • Yes - A shuttle will be coordinated and provided to and from Santa Barbara Airport (SBA)

    • Can I fly into Los Angeles (LAX)?

      • Yes, we often fly into LAX because it has the most flight options. For those flying into LAX, the Santa Barbara Airbus drives from LAX to Santa Barbara 10-times a day and is highly reliable.

    • **Please coordinate all arrival flights and/or buses to arrive by 11am into SBA and 9am into LAX on Fridays.

    • **Please coordinate all departure flights to leave no earlier than 2:30pm on Sundays out of SBA and 5pm out of LAX.

  • Lodging:

    • Is lodging provided for in-person weekends?

      • First Weekend - Yes

      • Second Weekend - Yes

      • Third Weekend - Because we ask for families to join their students for the final weekend, we will not be providing lodging for the third in-person weekends.

    • Lodging will be at Hotel Milo in Santa Barbara with a Quarter Zero Staff member within a 2 minute drive from the hotel (we’re locals!). Hotel staff are on duty 24/7 at this premier boutique property.

  • Meals:

    • Based on the program structure, evenings are set aside for reflection or spending time with other Fellows on their own for free time. Students should plan accordingly to have money for dinner meals.

Do students work with one person or multiple people?

  • Students are matched with a main coach for the duration of the school year. Throughout the year, and depending on the Pathway selected, QØ provides a number of resources to ensure our students’ specific needs are addressed. For example, students will have access to our QØ Connect Platform and to specialists while looking for an internship or job. Job and interview coaching might be directed to our Career Coach experts, etc. Our coaches and QØ team meet frequently to ensure and coordinate  we find the right resources to help power your potential.

Can I switch coaches after starting?

  • We take pride in matching you with the right coach based on your personality, needs, and chemistry. However, if you would still like to transition to a new coach, we are happy to accommodate that request after the first three sessions have been tested. 

How is the Fellowship or Life Coaching different from a College Counselor?

  • The Quarter Zero difference lies in our personalized team-based approach. We give you the power of a network of successful individuals and “always on” resources to ensure you have all the tools to reach your fullest potential. While other college and career advising services rely on a single individual to give you all the guidance you seek, we find that this one-dimensional approach often isn’t enough for applicants’ success. 

What is the Academy for the Curious?

  • The Academy for the Curious was designed in response to students asking more and more about the things that aren’t taught in formal school settings. Every two weeks, we will provide video series based on the curiosity of our students. Examples for content could be anything from “What is It Like to Work in Augmented Reality?” to “How Do You Roast Coffee?” to “Basics of Magic” to “How Do I Find My Vocation?” Premium members have the opportunity to vote on content for future courses we will offer to students. 

How do we know this will work?

  • 6 years’ experience

  • 700+ students

  • 100+ ventures

  • All focused on solving problems youth have...so we know a thing or two from our own customer discovery

  • Additionally, we are relying on experts and specialists in specific fields for the deep knowledge transfer. 

  • Our goal is to coordinate and leverage the right resources for each student to help  them be successful. 

  • Most importantly, your success is our success. QØ only works if our students are successful...we’re committed to the long game and couldn’t be happier.

Interested in learning more?

Let’s continue the conversation.