The Q1 Fund

QØ is here for every phase of your entrepreneurial journey.


Quarter Zero is excited to expand our ability to power the potential of young entrepreneurs through an investment fund. Since the beginning, our alumni have blown us away with the ventures they continue to work on even after participating in our programs and we want to be there to support them.


What is the Q1 Fund?
Quarter Zero’s first investment vehicle aimed at investing in young entrepreneurs in the beginning startup phases and later stage businesses.


Investment philosophy:
If you are picking the team to win, know the players from when they started playing the game.

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Meet Micah.

At 17 years old, Micah participated at Catapult as a Free Agent in our 2014 inaugural cohort hosted at the Harvard Innovation Lab.



“At Catapult, I realized entrepreneurship was more than a hobby and something I wanted to do for the rest of my life”
- Micah

At 21 years old, Micah:

  • First robotics company in history approved by the hospitality industry

  • Dropped out of Cornell and declined Techstars acceptance

  • QØ Invested during pre-Series A

  • QØ Angel Community invested $1mm


Micah's Journey


Year 1

Micah at QØ

  • Accepted as a Free Agent.

  • Identified talent

  • Build foundation for relationship

Year 3

Venture Idea

  • Stayed in touch while @ Cornell.

  • Micah dropped out to start MaidBot his Sophomore year.

  • Helped get connected with resources during first $250k Angel raise.

Year 5

QØ Invests

  • Maintained relationship

  • QØ invested after regular Seed Round

  • Was given the opportunity because of the relationship

Year 6

QØ Angel Network

  • Opportunity shared w/ Angel Network

  • $1mm investment made

  • QØ maintains pro rata


Road Map




  • Invest in the relationship

  • If cash healthy, invest $10-20k off the balance sheet to lock in pro rata.



  • An organized community of angel investors.

  • Will serve as the primary funding vehicle for our emerging startup companies and later stage businesses.



  • Launch venture capital arm

  • $500k early stage fund for $10-50k

  • Additional special purpose funding vehicles with larger follow-on opportunities ranging from $100k-2.5mm



  • Full Time Accelerator in Santa Barbara

  • 5% equity exchange

  • 2 cohorts per year