“I am a confident 16 year old female entrepreneur, storyteller, and activist. The night I thought of starting Threading Twine was probably the first time I felt a substantial amount of self value.”



“I believe I was born an entrepreneur. Quarter Zero takes that notion of entrepreneurship and teaches you how to apply it – how to be proactive, how to lead yourself, and ultimately how to lead others.”



“Proving that I can create something that has the power to change people’s lives is difficult. QØ showed me how to present myself in a professional way so that I’m understood by professionals, mentors, investors, or employees.”



“QØ was unlike anything I had experienced before.” Read how this alumni went from Free Agent to disrupting the hotel industry at just 19 years old to “bring robots to the people.”



“If you had told me 3 years ago that I would my own clothing brand that would be sold to people across the entire globe and worn by famous celebrities, I would have thought you were crazy.”



The most important thing QØ provided me with is startup strategy and great Free Agent teammates. We now know the process of formulating an idea, building a business model around it, and launching it into a company.”

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Featured companies started by QØ Alumni


mXers Audio developed the first earbuds to be both wired and wireless. Using patented modular design, the earbuds arrive in multiple interchangeable parts that allow you to move from wire to wireless in seconds.

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Emoji Health

Emjoi Health is a messaging platform that harnesses the power of visual communication to improve communications between teens and healthcare providers.

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Maidbot is a robotic solution for the hospitality industry allowing humans to focus on more enjoyable work. They recently received $2M in series-A funding.

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Over 70 companies (and counting!) got their start at QØ

To read more about companies started at Quarter Zero, check out our blog.