Educating Entrepreneurs

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Power your students’ potential with Quarter Zero, the entrepreneurial experience for young people.

Partner with Quarter Zero to extend your students' learning and development through our immersive, real-world entrepreneurial environment. Our various experiences are designed to complement the classroom, pairing students with industry advisors to build tangible skills and challenging them to become problem solvers that are equipped to thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world.


Read the White Paper

Entrepreneurship is the perfect compliment to what's already going on in your classroom.  In this White Paper we cover 5 topics; Finding the answer AND figuring out why, Exposure to a new definition of 'right' and 'wrong', Facilitating true collaboration within traditional teamwork, Encouraging Leadership inside and outside of the classroom, and a Push for passion-based lifelong learning.

Get the QØ Curriculum

We are excited to share our new Startup-Minded Framework for Young Entrepreneurs we've created in partnership with empathico. 

5, 1-hour lesson plans and presentation materials for your students to go from idea to pitch and create a mobile app prototype along the way.

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Refer a Student

Educators know which of their students might be a good fit for a QØ entrepreneurial experience. When you refer a student, we send them an email letting them about your referral and send them a information on our experiences and how to apply. Students who have an educator referral get more attention from our admissions committee.