At a young age I always found myself walking the path just adjacent to what we determine to be “normal.” And then that adjacent path became a perpendicular one when I was introduced to QØ.

Henry Belcaster founder of vitalives q-zero catapult incubator.jpg

Henry Belcaster is a QØ Alumni and Founder of VitaLives.

Like the late-stage of a SpaceX booster rocket, I burned out.

But this happens often among America’s brightest students: all-nighters to finish a lab report; conversations about GPAs; frenzy of college applications; interviews for internships that don’t even begin for another two summers; worry about the post-high school future.

So, I stepped off that treadmill. I saved as much money as I could, and then I took the summer off from work -- work as typically conceived. I packed my bags; I stepped away from the “office” and stepped more deeply into our world. Because, after all, the only way to predict your future is to create it. And part of creating a future is learning about and empathizing with what’s around us.

This is my summer story:


I believe I was born an entrepreneur; I strongly believe others are born entrepreneurs. But QØ takes that notion of entrepreneurship and teaches you how to apply it -- how to be proactive, how to lead yourself, and ultimately how to lead others.

It has been a while since I’ve been able to think as creatively as I have been for the past three months, and I’m eager to share my story with you -- hoping that, perhaps, you’ll push it along to someone else who might benefit from a re-charge to their creative “rocket.”s



Henry was a Founder.

He burned out.

Where does his journey lead now?

Where will your journey lead?