Power Your Potential With Quarter Zero

The entrepreneurial experience for young people


Power your potential with Quarter Zero, the entrepreneurial experience for young people. Join a tribe of like-minded peers and industry advisors as you get hands-on, real-world experience, bringing ideas to life and honing the skills you need to thrive.

Do you think you have what it takes?  Explore our experiences and apply today.


There Are 2 Ways To Power Your Potential

Startup Bootcamp

Build your entrepreneurial skill set and knowledge.

Form a team and get hands on practice with the 5-steps of building a startup. Leave with confidence and skills to pursue  your own idea.

For young people who are just beginning their experience with startups and entrepreneurship.

10 days

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Catapult Incubator

Work on a real venture with professional advisors.

Spend the summer growing a startup and traveling to the 3 most startup filled cities in the US.

Ideal for budding entrepreneurs with an existing business or venture idea, and those with potential who want to experience startups by working on a real business.

6 weeks

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You're In Good Company


QØ Alumni are Changemakers, Creators, Designers, Makers, Entrepreneurs, Doers, Believers, Risk Takers, Innovators...


Henry Belcaster

I believe I was born an entrepreneur.  QØ takes that notion of entrepreneurship and teaches you how to apply it -- how to be proactive, how to lead yourself, and ultimately how to lead others.


Krystal Lam

Entrepreneurship can definitely be learned. A successful entrepreneur spends countless hours with a wall covered with 20 million post-its and 15 million different ideas and hypothesis. 

mohammed nasir founder of drones for humanity quarter zero catapult incubator.jpg

Mohammed Nasir


I believe the most important thing QØ provided me with is startup strategy. We now know the process of formulating an idea, building the business model, and launching it into a company.


This Summer is Just Your Beginning


We’re committed to seeing our top talent succeed, supporting select startups through direct financial investment.  And our alumni network helps keep you connected, providing mentorship and career coaching, access to job and internship opportunities, and ongoing startup support.


Mentorship & Career Coaching

Access to 1-on-1 mentorship and career coaching from our top advisors whenever you need it.


Internships at leading startups & companies

Internship opportunities exclusively for alumni at leading startups and companies over the summer.


Future Startup Support

We're here to help get that next idea off the ground, with introductions to investors, strategic partners, and advisors, exclusively for alumni and their future ideas.


Every person has potential

Power yours with QØ