QØ hires practicing professionals with experience in all areas of business to be your program advisor and help you grow as an entrepreneur.


Alison Yard

Design Lead, IDEO

Alison is a Communication Design Lead at IDEO Chicago who helps people connect with brands through design. Her work lives at the intersection of visual communication, user experience, brand strategy, and innovation with an approach rooted in design thinking. She’s passionate about problem solving in a way that starts with understanding people and ends with human-centered solutions that enhance lives. Prior to IDEO, she spent time as an Art Director, producing work for clients like TLC, Discovery Channel, AOL and Rosetta Stone.

Khalil Louisy

Editor in Chief & Creative Director, BONNE New York

BONNE New York is a digital media company providing coverage and analysis of the events influencing the landscapes of fashion, culture, people, and media, reflective of the spirit of New York City. The company places strong emphasis on sustainability and social consciousness, both in business practices and in product development and design.


Hayley Darden

Director of Product Research, The Future Project

Hayley started her career on the people team at an innovation company and now works on the innovation team at a people company. More concretely, she spent the first five years of her career recruiting social entrepreneurs to Ashoka, a leading association of 3,000 innovators around the world. Now she’s part of The Future Project’s research team where she helps explore ways to unlock passion and purpose in high schools across the nation.


Jon Hart

Partner, Praxis

Jon leads Praxis Academy, Emerging Founders, and College Partnerships as a Partner at Praxis, where they focus on equipping the next generation to pursue redemptive entrepreneurship. Previously, he spent seven years at a Fortune 100 Company, where he helped launch a new venture and revive another as part of a turnaround strategy. In addition to his work at Praxis, Jon is a founding board member of 100cameras — a nonprofit that empowers youth to create change in their communities through photography. He serves as an advisor and mentor for the Quarter Zero and Catapult Incubators, and has taught entrepreneurship as an adjunct at The King’s College NYC.


Chris Crittenden

Founder & CEO, Creighton Harris

Chris is a lifelong learner, contrarian, and builder. After graduating from the University of Georgia, Chris started his career with stints in real estate investment banking, but soon embraced the nonlinear life of an entrepreneur. Since then he has invested in or worked on projects in several verticals, including real estate technology, e-commerce, fintech, film production, and hospitality. Constantly drawing on his wide experience set, Chris loves working on complex problems, making products that bring joy, and making the world more efficient. Currently Chris is the founder of Creighton Harris, a premium men’s grooming company based out of NYC.


Autumn Williams

Executive Director, African School for Excellence Foundation

Autumn is the Executive Director of African School for Excellence Foundation. African School for Excellence delivers a world-class education in Tsakane, South Africa, while remaining affordable enough for the children of parents who earn about $6 a day.

Prior to ASE, Autumn founded STEMgineers Shifting Gears, providing after school tutoring and summer programs to students based in Watts, Boston, and New York. Autumn has shared her work as a guest lecturer and storyteller at venues including The Aspen Institute, Georgetown University, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Featured Past Advisors

Want to be a QØ Advisor?

We have two opportunities available for Summer 2019: Venture Team Advisor or Pitch Specialist.

Venture Team Advisor

We are looking for Advisors to work with young entrepreneurs to refine, test, and launch their ventures. You will provide strategic thinking, a critical eye, and real-world insights every step of the way.

Commitment Overview

Advisors commit to one day in-person in downtown San Francisco to meet their team and six one-hour virtual boardroom meetings in the subsequent weeks.

How to Apply?

To apply, email us at [email protected], tell us why you are interested in applying, and attach your CV or link to your LinkedIn profile.

Schedules, Locations, & Dates

Pitch Specialist

We are looking for storytelling and pitch experts to help young entrepreneurs prepare for their pitch on Demo Day. You will provide expertise on pitching an idea, crafting compelling story, and presenting to a panel of judges.

Commitment Overview

Pitch Specialists commit to one day in-person in New York City (SoHo) to work with teams on preparing their pitch.

How to Apply?

To apply, email us at [email protected], tell us why you are interested in applying, and attach your CV or link to your LinkedIn profile.

Schedules, Locations, & Dates