We’ve collaborated with 100s of young, successful high school entrepreneurs, to bring you this step-by-step guide to getting your startup idea off the ground and position it for massive growth.



1 - Customer Discovery

How to start a business in high school

Go out and talk to real people.  Understanding the problems and needs of real people is the currency of great startups.  Often great inventions, come from trying to solve a problem that the inventor saw a person having.

Surveys are a thing of the past, what you want is customer interviewing and Needfinding.  In this step you'll learn how to do proper Needfinding and learn the technique 'Ask, Answer, Watch'


2 - Ideation

ideation at quarter zero

Once you've talked with potential customers, it's time to talk everything you heard and learned and begin to put the pieces together.  While there are lots of ways to come up with ideas, we've learned from years of working with young entrepreneurs a few tried and true methods you can use to come up with startup worth ideas.  Learn the 10 habits of great ideators and how you can apply it to come up with a great startup idea of your own 


3 - Prototyping

prototyping at quarter zero

Make it real is a motto we live by at QØ.  The challenge is making something real as quickly as you can.  We go over how to do that and tools that our young entrepreneurs use for rapid prototyping of applications as well as concrete products and services.


4 - Customer Acquisition 

customer acquisition at quarter zero

The hardest part of any startup is going from a few customers to many.  As young entrepreneurs you have an inherent advantage and we help you tap into what you have that no one else does.  Learn how to growth hack like a rockstar.

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5 - Pitching

pitching at quarter zero

Once you've put it all together, a great idea, an understanding of your customers, a stable version of the product and you now how to grow it, it's time for investment.  Learn how to pitch your venture to maximize appeal for investors.

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