QØ Startup Camps

5-day crash course on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship with location-based adventures for high school students.


This isn’t your typical camp. QØ Startup Camp infuses entrepreneurship principles with idyllic location-based adventures designed to leave you with lasting friendships, extraordinary memories, and a framework to solve problems in a rapidly changing world.

Choose from three destinations: Santa Barbara, CA; New York, NY; or Buena Vista, CO. Multiple weeks available at each location between July 8-August 4.


Santa Barbara, CA

Surf, kayak, stand-up paddle board, beach volleyball, sailing…


New York, NY

Empire State Building, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge…

q-zero free agent amanda yuen-min.jpg

Buena Vista, CO

Camp, hike, rock climb, and whitewater rafting…


Application Deadlines

Early Enrollment

Deadline: 1/13

Decision: 1/21

Benefits: Priority for program dates, compete against the smallest pool of applicants, and get a decision sooner.

Spring Enrollment

Deadline: 2/24

Decision: 3/14

Benefits: More time to apply, but competing against a larger pool of candidates.

Rolling Admissions

We will consider applications on a rolling basis, if space permits.